10 people you play Fantasy Football With

Hopefully this isn’t your first year playing fantasy football, but if it is – get ready to meet your leaguemates. If you have played before and can’t identify a person in your league with a certain character, you probably are that character.

The Astronaut

Call Mission Control: This space cadet can’t seem to figure out it’s his turn now, and Adrian Peterson was taken 10 picks ago. You might as well draft for him.

what confused paul rudd confusion amy poehler

The Insider

Somehow he knows about the one time a QB2/WR3 played together at a camp in college, and totally lit it up. And somehow his prediction that these two will click and launch themselves to QB1/WR1 status by week 3, comes true. He does this every year.

spin foster bold arian foster prediction

The Unfortunate One

This is generally a commissioner who has run the league for years, but never found a way to win. Each year he puts in solid research, has a strong team, but always drafts the best player to miss 8 weeks of the season and cost him a decent playoff seed. But don’t worry; this is gonna be “his year.”


The Muncher

This is the guy who knew exactly where he wanted to have his draft. His cheat sheets are covered in wing sauce. He uses his sleeve as a napkin, and his version grazing looks more like feast mode than anything else. Of course when you draft at Wild Wing Cafe, how can you blame him?


The Hater

You’re drafting ninth, but somehow Aaron Rodgers is still on the table. After selecting him, this guy has the next pick. Suddenly he’s claiming you made a terrible pick because of Rodgers’ performance in a social media video with his girlfriend. He’ll say anything to belittle everyone’s decision making.

hater player ice-t

The Envious One


kristen wiig surprised no way snl

The Against-the-Grain One

“This is the year, man, Sam Bradford is finally going to be a top 5 QB, I can feel it.” This and other sentiments about dramatically underachieving players will follow each of their picks.

comic adult swim calm this is fine resigned

The Fluke Champ

For one year, this person looked like an absolute wizard. They forever live in that one glory year. Since going 18-1 and winning the league, they’re 5-59.

shot lucky

The Bro

He drafts Gronk in the first round. Makes sense. Then in the second round, he selects Johnny Manziel. Quickly, everyone realizes this dude is just drafting the all-party team.

Omaze football spike patriots touchdown

The Science Guy

This genius built an algorithm that drafts for him and sets his lineup each week. He’s basically a cyborg. He finishes first or second every year. Robots are taking over; not just industry, but fantasy too.

nerd hacking computer typing napoleon dynamite

When you have your draft at Wild Wing Cafe, we’ve got just the wild you need, no matter what role you play in your league. Get free food, draft kits, and more. Visit our website WildWingCafe.com/DraftParty to reserve a draft party today.


The 10-Step Guide To Enjoying The Hottest Wings

STEP 1: The Desire

It’s like a fever and the only prescription is more hot sauce. You can’t be on the fence about ordering the most extreme hot wings. You have to be committed physically and prepared mentally.


STEP 2: The Order

As soon as you open up that menu, there it is. Your stomach guides your eyes to the exact order it needs right now. Why does this menu even have more than one page? More than one item? They should just show you a picture of hot wings and a cold beer, you nod your head to the server,  end of transaction.


STEP 3: The Wait

For the brave, this is the most painful part of our hot-wing-enjoyment process. Waiting for those fresh, crispy, saucy, tender, deep-fried delights to be dropped on your table…we feel your pain.


STEP 4: The Delivery

You and the server lock eyes. He looks down at the plate, then back at you. You look down at the plate, then back at him. It’s time. Your excitement is ready to boil over. When those wings hit the table you’re going to tackle them harder than J.J. Watt.


STEP 5: The Bouquet

The aroma of our hottest sauce, Braveheart, will make a grown man cry. As legend has it, the Brawny man wept so hard after catching a wiff of our sauce, he cut down a tree and created the most durable paper towels to dry his tears. It should be noted, in his case they were tears of joy.


STEP 6: The Initial Bite

After rubbing your hands together like a villain, it’s time to dive in. Your teeth break through that crispy, juicy meat and the sauce engulfs your lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, finger tips, and the corners of your mouth. You start feeling a burning sensation in parts of your mouth you didn’t know had nerve endings. This is nirvana.


STEP 7: The Devouring

These next nine wings slide down your gullet like a pelican swooping down into the bayou to grab the catch of the day. You’re in the zone. There’s no pain here, just pleasure.


STEP 8: The Final Chowdown

That invincible feeling abandons you around the 11th wing (or hour, if you will). You’ve come this far, but you’ve hit the wall of fire. This is where you earn your place at the grown-up table. You don’t know where your belly ends and your legs begin, but you know you need to finish these wings.


STEP 9: The Cool Down

Congratulations, you played yourself. You thought after finishing 12 wings smothered in our hottest sauce that there wouldn’t be consequences? Wrong. Your finger tips, lips and mouth are on fire. Water won’t help and beer will only numb the pain. Milk, bread, and sugar are the only things that can save you now.


STEP 10: The Relief

A full loaf of bread and a half gallon of milk later, you’re back and ready to take on the world. Remember, these wings are only for the wildest of the wild.

giphy copy.gif


The Wild Wing Story #TBT

Wild Wing Cafe was born at the beach.

On South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island, to be exact, where vacationing families and laid back locals flocked to the town’s first-ever restaurant to serve gourmet chicken wings and buckets of ice cold beer.

The Original Wild Wing Cafe – on the duck pond in Coligny Plaza!

That was back in 1990. But the real story started years before then in Atlanta, where a couple of advertising executives treated 300 guests to decadent homemade party food every Super Bowl Sunday. We’re talking, the Super Bowl spread of all party spreads. And what were the first dishes that consistently disappeared year after year?  Hopefully you guessed wings! And lots of them. Platters of flavored chicken wings served alongside a homemade bleu cheese dressing. Not too big of a surprise really, because these old family recipes were unlike anything food-loving crowds had tasted at the time.

Hosting, entertaining and dining on deliciously fun food always came naturally to Dianne & Cecil Crowley (and it still does!). So when they moved to the beach (because Atlanta traffic…), they were surprised to discover there wasn’t a single restaurant serving up hot wings, cold beer and good times.

So they created it.

The first Wild Wing Cafe opened in the late 1990s with eight sauces and rubs. Back then, flavored chicken wings weren’t the only thing considered a rarity at the restaurant. Our founders were among a minority when it came to preparing popular bar foods like nachos and onion rings using fresh rather than packaged ingredients. It was a lot of work, to say the least.

But it was also a big hit.

As the restaurant has grown into a multi-unit company, and the company into a much-loved wings franchise, we’ve stayed true to our roots. While other restaurants are content to use pre-processed frozen foods reheated in microwaves, every Wild Wing Cafe serves great homemade food. Dressings, wing sauces, dips and more are made fresh every single day.

We also continue to operate by the belief that we have our people—employees, franchisees and loyal customers—to thank for the tremendous success of Wild Wing Cafe. Without them, the vision of two advertisers-turned-restauranteurs may never have become the growing franchise it is today…one that thrives on a mouthwatering menu of signature homemade dishes, fresh ingredients, an extensive beer list always served ice cold, and, of course, plenty of fantastically flavored wings and good times!


Behind the Scenes: Irish Pub Burger

As soon as our New Year’s Eve parties are over, we start thinking about March. March is a really fun month at Wild Wing. It starts to get warmer in the Southeast, March Madness is in full swing, and… St. Patrick’s Day. Most places celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. An Irish Car Bomb special here, a few beads to giveaway there, but we’d rather celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the Luck of the Irish all month long. Because, why not? This year, along with our big IrishFest parties, we’re doing just that with a brand new Irish-inspired burger, and dare we say… it’s kickass. Our baby Irish Pub Burger had its very first photo shoot yesterday. Check out a sneak peak video below, can you guess what’s on it?

Available starting March 1st!

Pub burger_LG
The Irish Pub Burger. Born to model. 


5 Essential Super Sunday Party Snacks

5. Spuds

Fries, chips, tots, skins. Covered in cheese, ranch, bacon… or keep ’em naked. So many different ways to potato perfection.

4. Nachos

Mile high ultimate nachos, Srirachos, bbq chicken, who cares what’s on them… everyone loves a good nacho!

3. Dips

Let’s be honest, it’s not really a party without dips. There’s spinach dip, guacamole, buffalo chicken dip, the possibilities are endless and perfect for sharing – if that’s your thing.

2. Boneless Wings

No bones about it, these saucy guys are an easy party pleaser.
  1. Wings
Did you know there are enough wings consumed on Super Bowl Sunday to fill every seat in each of the NFL’s 32 (American) stadiums with 600 chicken wings?! (dailysnark.com) But, that doesn’t mean all wings are created equal. Ours are famous, always fresh and you can choose from 33 made from scratch flavors to sauce them up just right. Touch. Down. FTW.

Click here to call your local Wild Wing to put in your Super Bowl To Go order! 

Twas Christmas Season…

…and all over the town, folks were hoping to stop & sit down for presents and parties… all things fun. For so many years, Wild Wing’s been the one.

While trimming and buying for friends old and new, shoppers are dreaming of an icy cold brew. And while you’re out doing your holiday things, there’s nothing much better than a sampler of wings. They come to your table on a shiny bright platter, with queso! and fingers in a spicy batter!

One wink to your server and what will appear, but the sparkling refreshment of a bucket of beer. With service so friendly, you’ll get everything, you know in a moment it must be Wild Wing.

All through the season our good friends come by, for music, good cheer and the wings that we fry. Oh Cajun! Italian! Those wings that are wild, Gold Rush & Ginger, there’s Ranch & there’s Mild. From BBQ spicy to the mustard with honey, you’ll have a great meal… and save Christmas money!

Now in the midst of this holiday season, remember the kindness and love that’s the reason. To our families and winglovers we say this one thing…